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Jessica Simpson has sold millions of CDs. There’s tons of questions to ask, like did Tony dump you, does dad still control your life, how’d you get to be the most gorgeous woman in the world, what’s Ashley and Pete doing, what’s it like being an aunt? GOING COUNTRY - what the hell were you thinking? Here’s the Arizona Republic’s effort at responsible journalism.

Q&A: Jessica Simpson

by Ginger Murphy - Mar. 22, 2009 04:28 PM
The Arizona Republic

Singer, actress and fashion designer Jessica Simpson greeted hundreds of fans on Saturday afternoon at Dillard's in Scottsdale. But first, the friendly, bubbly star sat down with us to chat about her new dress collection for spring and her personal style.

Question: What part of your personal style shows through in your collection?

Answer: I think that my personality shows through in every piece that you could buy in the Jessica Simpson collection. I am very hands-on and very much involved. Yesterday, we just had an approval meeting for dresses and there are certain things you want to change and certain things, you know, women will feel comfortable in. Nothing really gets past my mom and I if we don't want it on the floors.

Which dress in your new line is your favorite and why?

Um, that's really hard. I love the dress that I am wearing today because it's fitted, elegant and sexy. I think that women of all ages could wear this dress. I like to spruce it up with Louis Vuitton bracelets. What's amazing, even during this recession, is how the collection just keeps getting bigger. I think that when people go to buy something, they get definitely get great product with an affordable price.

How hands-on are you in the design of your products?

I go to a lot of approval meetings. I just got off tour, so my mom's definitely really, really hands on and if there is something she can be in a meeting for and I cant, she'll send me pictures and I will say yes or no or change this. I really want to represent who I am. It's my name. I don't want something out there that would make any consumer feel uncomfortable.

You have shoes, sunglasses, bags, clothing and more - what's next for you?

Actually, we are doing coats for kids. Already right now we are connected with Stride Rite shoes for kids. Now we are getting into coats, but I am anxious for the luggage. I am always traveling so I can't wait to put my Louis Vuitton stuff aside and actually rock some Jessica Simpson going through airport

Is the success of your collection exciting for you? Are you just so proud?

Yeah, I definitely am so proud. It was risk, but I think when you surround yourself with amazing people that know the market and know what the consumer wants, it works.

I literally don't wear flats but one of my biggest shoes is a flat, so I've had to take myself out of what I would wear and think of the consumer.

Do you feel pressured to be wearing your own designs all the time?

No, that's definitely not a pressure for me. I want to represent the line and I feel like I am always putting something in my look. Our jewelry is really great right now. We have lots of fun things that you can mix and match and wear with everything.

What labels other than your own do you enjoy wearing?

Gosh, there's... honestly, I like it if something fits or looks great. I am not a person who tries on in the stores. It drives me crazy. So I buy and take back if I don't like something. I really don't enjoy being in the dressing room. I rather just try it on in my house.

Which trends are you loving for spring?

I think all the colors and, to me, all the patterns that are simple, yet you can wear them every spring.

What accessory would you suggest our readers invest in this season?

I have to say that the new Jessica Simpson hats are awesome, and I just worn one yesterday coming here. I can just not do my hair, and put my hair up in this hat and I just love it. It is a fedora but comes down and covers your right eye.