When will Dow hit 6,000; the new office pool

Sure you've got the Final 4 office pool going around right now.

Why not spice things up in the office - particular during tax time - and place an office pool on when the Dow falls to 6,000?

Ridiculous, you say. If I had told you in Nov., 2007 the Dow was going to hit 7,000 in less than 18 months, you'd have put me in an insane asylum.

Same as those clients who wouldn't listen in 2006 when I said their company should have a MySpace and YouTube presence. "We already have a Web site."

You wonder why we're in a depression? (Look at the Dow 100 year figure in the Warren Buffett story below - I used to say recession for namby-pamby. There's another word for people who don't believe we're in a depression - idiot.) It's that companies no longer want creativity. Even small firms. They want tried and true. Buy a franchise. The future belongs to the adventurous. Ask Richard Branson.