Tween-age for 21st Century – let’s prevent war in our teen years

We’re less than 300 days to the beginning of the 21st Century’s second decade, or the century is turning 10.

Most parents know the age of 10 is when children begin emulating the older teens in their family, even the extended family. They’ve moved from that wonderful fantasy land where anything is possible to becoming a curmudgeon at age 14 (think Goethe).

This is also the age they begin wanting the things older boys and girls have – makeup experiments for girls and exploring their masculinity through sports and fighting for boys.

Now you know what we have to look forward to as our nation exhibits these traits as a 21st Century tween. Then think of countries like China, North Korea and Russia testing their masculinity as the U.S. is putting on its makeup. That’s okay; send Hillary over to talk to them, just like a 10 year old would. Of course, the masculine 10 year old is going to beat the crap out of that emissary.

The moral of this story is get us out of Afghanistan and build our military to the might it enjoyed in the 1950s, the mightiest power on the earth. Military spending would bring us out of this depression.

Take us back to being the nation that only had to rattle its sabers, not go into battle. Think of the lives it would save of all our young military men and women if we didn’t have to battle, only make noise.

Don’t let us repeat history of wars during the teen years of centuries, lest we forget the 20th Century had the first World War in its teen years, the 19th Century had the War of 1812 and the Barbary Wars in Africa.

That’s how a marketing sociologist works. Look at the past and you can see the cycles for the future. If no one listens, there will be wars for the U.S. in this century’s teen years. Remember you read it here first. Think about the revenue your organization is missing by not utilizing this science.