Today’s creative thinking – Last Man Standing

Here’s your creative thinking exercise. An alien space ship lands at your feet. Inside you see the entire Lohan clan. The aliens are going to vaporize the whole family but one. If you don’t choose one, the aliens will blow up the Earth. So which one do you choose and why? Rank and rate them:






This also works for the Jonas Brothers, but you can’t pick Frankie. That’s a gimme.

If I knew anything about the Khardasians, I’d have them. I’m clueless on that whole no-talent genre.

Try the Osbournes:





Aimee doesn’t count, she keeps a low profile.

You can always try all of Billy Ray Cyrus’ children and their different mothers – that’s sort of like going with Octomom, Brad and Angie or the number of children Madonna has naturally and by adoption. Get’s confusing.

Britney Spears is challenging too. You can go with the family, Jamie, Lynne, Britney, Bryan, Jamie Lynn, but then there’s the new family, Sean Preston and Jayden James. We know Kevin’s a goner. Will Jason Alexander be the last man standing?

Now for the toughest one of all. Instead of an alien, you’re forced into a shotgun wedding. You can only choose one, would it be?

Aly or AJ

Zack or Cody