Today’s creative thinking exercise

You’re Miley Cyrus, except you’re really you. You make $400,000 per day. How would that change your life?

What would you do? Dump your mate, dog, home, town, life? Would you be like my millionaire cousin and live between Demi Moore and Jimmy Buffett in an inhospitable climate?

So, follow the link to the initial creative thinking, get out the pen and paper (please follow directions) and spend an hour on a lazy Sunday using your imagination. Remember what the forgotten Disney Imagineer I sat through two hours with said in a presentation last century, there are no limits, no restrictions here.

Would you develop a business, bikini clad mates galore on a sail boat, your own rocket ship, buy a shoe store?

Final questions – is it moral, legal? Didn’t say it had to be, did I? Maybe Jessica Simpson being in my town last night spawned this idea.