President Obama is coming - Hooray

Newspapers are closing, radio and television are laying off.

Yet public relations practitioners, clients and college professors still act like public relations is “press releases.” Where are all these press releases going to go?

In early 2007 I was pitching every client have a YouTube and MySpace presence. I lost at least 10 clients. They said I was crazy. They went running to the arms of practitioners promising media coverage. Where is that media coverage coming from? News holes have shrunk, there are more than 1,000 reporters flipping burgers in the Four Corner states.

Newspapers have done it to themselves. Where is investigative reporting? It was announced that President Obama will address 8,000 Arizona State University graduates in May. First, no media reports that fewer than 38 percent of those will be male. While male/female high school graduates have remained equal for more than 60 years, since the mid-80s male college graduates have fallen. Women comprise 54 percent of the workforce (since 2002) and are still a protected class. Black males under 25 have more than 40 percent unemployment.

Yet papers aren’t reporting any of this. Obama’s addressing 8,000 graduates. Hooray. Only problem is, Arizona has only added 2,000 jobs this year. Same day Obama story- hooray – ran, this appeared, "Arizona reported 173,000 fewer jobs in February than it had in February 2008, a record monthly drop, according to the Commerce Department. Arizona and the Phoenix area continue to be among the leading areas for job losses in the nation." Where’s the investigative reporting about where these 8,000 graduates are going to find work? Experienced reporters have already taken the McDonald’s jobs.

Obama’s coming, hooray. Arizona State University recently spent $71-million dollars of Arizona taxpayers’ dollars, when we have a $2-billion deficit, to build a new Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Great investigative reporting by every news outlet. Remember the 1,000 experienced reporters looking for work? ASU is training 1,300 new journalists yearly. Why? Where’s the investigative reporting? Why are tax dollars being frivolously spent? Why isn't ASU leadership being prosecuted like AIG for misspending taxpayers' money?


  1. The new Cronkite School and the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus was funded by a bond passed by Phoenix voters in 2006. It was created by a vote of the people and the school has become a vibrant part of the downtown area as has the rest of the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Thank you for enlightening us. You must be an ASU grad. If from another school, you’d be smart enough to figure out bonds and school districts over rides are all another way of saying taxes later and inflationary. Bonds must be paid off by future generations. Where is the trillion dollars Obama’s spending now going to come from? Taxes! It will also cause inflation because it is putting money you don’t own into circulation. It’s like those six year car loans where you pay $300 per month and end up spending three times what the car is worth. Wish ASU graduates understood that. I have met people from a college worse than ASU, Boulder, Colorado. Those are people who drank their way through college and didn’t learn ANYTHING. At least ASU students try and some actually come out brilliant.

    Thank you for your opinion.


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