Pity the fool losing money not following this blog

Existing home sales shot up more than five percent in the first two months of this year. Averaging that out – which is a stupid thing to do, but figures lie and liars figure – that is a 30 percent gain for the year!

Where you going to get that return for your money? The bank? The stock market?

Who told you about investing in real estate a month before this report? That’s right, right here! “Silver and platinum are indicators that the depression has bottomed out and now would be an EXCELLENT time to do your homework and find some worthy investments – I recommend real estate”.

If you follow sister blog tweenmarketing.blogspot.com, I’ve got a call for a stock that looks promising. There are some stocks out there, but as I’ve maintained ALL along, do your homework. You work hard for your money, make it work for you!

So if you had followed the buy real estate advice given a month to the day ago, you’d be enjoying a 5% increase, or 30% for the year. Unlikely, since there is a closing period.

There is good news economic news if you keep your antenna out. Again, look at trends. Forget public relations, forget marketing, become a marketing sociologist and beat those money losing idiots like Jim Cramer.

Nightly Business Report has these dolts on who tell you what to invest in (I’ve never understood why they call it business instead of stock? There’s no business, only stocks.) Last week I was chuckling as one dolt came on and they put up his predictions from a year ago – when my money was safely tucked into a savings plan. Yes, all of his predictions lost about 80 percent and he’s making predictions for the coming year. I would have put him in a Bozo the Clown outfit before I’d put an “expert” like that on my show.

Two years from now the media will discover marketing sociology – not until then. Media has a great lag time of trends. They’ve all been alerted to this site. Twitter has existed since 2006 and the media is just discovering it now. No wonder I lost clients by recommending YouTube and MySpace two years ago – businesses don’t have on-staff marketing sociologists to predict buying real estate, or otherwise business strategies, until it is too late and the trending trough has passed. A decade from now businesses will wake up and start hiring marketing sociologists.

Thank you to all progressive thinkers smart enough to be following this Marketing Sociology trend now. Let’s make that following pay off for you!

This from Associated Press writer Alan Zibel (always attribute when you steal material):

Existing home sales rise by 5.1 percent

“WASHINGTON — Sales of existing homes rose from January to February in an unexpected boost for the slumping U.S housing market as buyers took advantage of deep discounts on foreclosures.

“The National Association of Realtors said Monday that sales of existing homes grew 5.1 percent to an annual rate of 4.72 million last month, from 4.49 million units in January. It was the largest sales jump since July 2003.”

Yes, now is the time to buy real estate, as was preached here a month ago. There’s some great looking stock out there too. Let me know what stock you’re watching!