Microsoft full of lies after Gates leaves

Microsoft is in bed with computer manufacturers. They introduce new operating systems and Office products every two to three years, making your old computer obsolete. Now they’re pawning off they are cheaper. Not if you’re replacing every three years.

Think of it this way, if you bought an Apple 10 years ago it would be relevant. Let’s see you get any support for a Windows ME that is not even 10 years old. Stick with Apple.

You really don’t need to worry, though. The iPhone will be your next regular computer.

This from an unknown Associated Press journalist:

“SEATTLE - Apple's Macintosh computers may be cool, but Windows PCs are easier on the wallet.

“That's the recession-sensitive message Microsoft Corp. is pushing in a new series of commercials. The ads also continue Microsoft's work to reclaim the "I'm a PC" catchphrase from Apple Inc. and undo the stodgy image its competitor has bestowed on the Windows operating system.”

Lies, lies, lies. As Hilary Duff sang, “Do the Math.”

From a marketing sociologist standpoint, where did Microsoft find an ad agency to lie for them? Like that would be REAL hard to find.


  1. Yeah right - like Apple don't plan for obsolescence, the iPhone you bought three years ago doesn't work with their latest iOS version ?

    How about the way they decide what software features are useful and ignore what users actually want ? No ? Ask the Final Cut users what they think of the latest version ?

    Apple are a marketing agency - they tell the iSheep what to say and think, and they blindly move ahead and pay whatever Apple demand for their dumbed down products!


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