Maybe we’re not in a depression – look out for what’s coming

Sometimes you need to follow your own advice. If you look at the 100-year Dow industrials, you’ll see a comparison from 1994 to today mirrors 1915 to 1923.

We could see the economy jump back to life, a “Roarin’ Teens,” so to speak. Look at the chart from 1922 to the 20th Century stock market crash. Seven years of incredible post World War (1) prosperity. The Dow rose from just above 62 to 500! That’s an 800% increase.

We need to figure out how to re-invent that prosperity. If the economy does come back, following what Edward R. Dewey discovered in “Cycles,” will our society be smart enough to realize another depression is coming and either prepare for it or find a way of lessening it? Again, back to Dewey’s cycles study.

The other questions is, if a Bedouin idiot like myself can figure out what the Dow charts prophesize like Nostradamus, why can’t all the intelligencia in Washington, D.C., and at those high-priced colleges taking taxpayers’ dollars?