Imagine - the day you can watch YouTube while you drive - C-R-A-S-H

I love Internet. I love YouTube. I was listening to Internet radio and heard a fantastic rendition of what is currently one of my “fav” songs. I was going to send it to my wonderful daughter (I have the best children in the WORLD – I’ve been so blessed in that regards), then I thought, “I’ve got a blog. I can share it with the world.”

Now, for those who find this song as “catchy” as I do, don’t be an idiot and go out and buy a CD. Almost every song you want is more than likely on YouTube. Envision the day when instead of listening to a CD or MP3 while you drive, you can watch YouTube! C-R-A-S-H.

Hope it was those smug iPhone users who CAN watch YouTube while they drive that crash. There has to be more “apps” for iPhone than computers – that should tell you the future. Sure, they’re so smug paying $100 per month for service while I use FREE WiFi.


  1. Thank you for commenting, E.B. You're probably a terrific person and your husband is very lucky to be married to you and vice versa. Live long and prosper.


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