Dow Drops Below 7000 First Time Since 1997 (AP)

You heard it hear first, if you've followed this blog:
"We were betting on 2,000, which it hit in 1985. Wonder if it will hit that level again this year?"

As you watch the following, remember, Roosevelt's New Deal - both of them (yes, there were two because the first one failed) - did nothing for the 20th Century Depression. It was the military-industrial complex, selling arms to foreign countries, that did.

Also, we must question Obama's lack of public relations knowledge. He has not developed a slogan, there is no publicity campaign in place, that is why his "bailout" will fail as Bush's did. Remember, his second week in office Obama said the 2008 bank bailout and stimulus failed. He admitted it.

Ron Paul is wrong, too. We MUST get out of Afghanistan! See old site,

From Wikipedia "
The Depression continued with decreasing effect until the U.S. entered the Second World War. Civilian unemployment was reduced from 14% in 1940 to less than 2% in 1943 as the labor force grew by ten million."