Customer service – how to kill your business

Last week I spent $1,800 to have my car repaired. This “garage” has soaked me for about $250 per month on the average for the past two years. I know I could have a new car for that, but we all make bad decisions.

The garage broke my cruise control cable when they took my engine out. Yesterday I took it back. They want $150 to fix it. They broke it, and rather than eat the cost of the cable, they want to charge me for it.

You would think any business hitting someone for $250 per month would take a loss. There are 10 car repair places between my house and them. Do you think I’ll ever go back to them? A good way to ruin your business.

This is why we’re in a bad economic time. Companies have forgotten customer service. They preach it, but don’t practice it.

The epitome of bad customer service is HP (Hewlett Packard). They are so bad the comments are legion on the blog-o-sphere. My children have each purchased computers since I’ve had my problems with HP. Yes, they avoided HP.

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