Coming to a computer near you – First run movies

A marketing sociologist must keep antennae out for what lurks on the horizon. An example is a look at the economy indicates it has bottomed out.

Liken that to being in a car wreck. You apply your brake, but the vehicle keeps going, striking another vehicle. Just because you pushed on the brake, or the economy has bottomed out, doesn’t break Newton’s Law of Motion.

The company I made great money on has fallen two dollars below where I initially bought it. Would I buy it now? No. Right now is not the time to be in stocks.

Another discovery of Marketing Sociology – I ran across a story that tells me there’s a good chance first run movies will be coming to a computer near you soon. Just as Internet has decimated the newspaper industry, it may damage movie theaters.

You’ve got that big screen TV. Your computer will hook up to it. Why not invite the neighbors for a night at the movies?

Here’s the story:

By Yinka Adegoke

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Google Inc's YouTube and Universal Music Group are in talks to create a premium online music video service, sources familiar with the situation said on Wednesday.

If they reach a deal, the service could mark a significant step forward in Google's attempt to generate revenue from YouTube, which it acquired for $1.65 billion in 2006.

A deal would also represent a broadening of the sometimes fractious ties between

YouTube and the media industry, which has on occasion ordered the popular video-sharing site to pull down clips of TV shows or music videos uploaded by users without the media companies' permission.