21st Century profits from marketing

How does someone market in this day? Stores are closing, radio stations are losing listeners to satellite and Internet radio. Newspapers are closing or in Chapter 11.

I’ve said it before, but the best way to market today is volunteering your staff. Get them involved in the community. Find the organization community leaders volunteer in.

In Phoenix, today it would be United Way. Twenty years ago it was the Salvation Army and before that it was the Fiesta Bowl. Think creatively in your community about where it will be tomorrow.

A public opinion survey I did almost 30 years ago is still true today. People get their messages from television news and advertising. Today you must add MySpace and YouTube, something I was told I was crazy for offering as advice three years ago.

“Any new theory is first attacked as absurd," said author William James. "Then it is admitted to be true but obviously insignificant. Finally, it is seen to be so important that its adversaries claim that they, themselves, have discovered it.” Is that why PR practitioners are using my method of measuring results – which is 20 years old and archaic – claiming they created it when it is a PR textbook case study? Watch for marketing, advertising and PR practitioners to start calling themselves marketing sociologists.

For years I’ve advocated YouTube and MySpace, now add Twitter. Check http://tweenmarketing.blogspot.com/

It is confusing what the top blogs are, too. I would say TMZ, New York Times, and similar publications. Technorati consistently lists the liberal agenda Huffington Post. Does Technorati have an agenda? I’ve looked at Huffington Post several times, but it is guilty of what newspapers are doing – trying to be everything to everyone. Look at any newspaper web site (Associated Press style, please) and you will see it looks like one of those paintings where an artist just throws paint on a canvas. They’re trying to be too much to everyone. That’s why I enjoy TMZ; it is in blog format, something I’m used to.

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If you’re looking to advertise online, I’d stick with the tried and true – email accounts like Yahoo, gmail, AOL. There is too much discrepancy about what are the top blogs or web sites.