Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Told you so - remember two years from now you were warned

iPhone steals show at game conference

At a conference that draws thousands of video game designers, big and small, it was the handheld iPhone that stole the spotlight at last week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. USA TODAY wraps up the week's revelations.

“iGames. The iPhone earned the attention it garnered at GDC. iPhone owners have shown increasing interest in portable games — research firm comScore says about one-third of iPhone users download games each month — so game designers are responding”

What this blog has said a number of times, “The iPhone will be your next regular computer.”

Not doing their creative thinking exercises

And I thought I was an idiot! Here's a report from today's Arizona Republic.


Two people were arrested by Phoenix police on Monday (SIC - after all, it is the Republic and grammar doesn't count) connection with the robbery of one Phoenix bank and the attempted robbery of a Glendale bank before the two headed to a casino.

X, 32, and Y, 26, were arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of armed robbery and attempted armed robbery, a Phoenix Police Department press release said.

Police believed X and Y hired a local taxi around 1:15 p.m. Monday and went to a Chase bank, the press release said.

X fled the bank after the teller refused to give her the money, the news release said.

X and Y then used the same local taxi and went to TCF bank around 1:40 p.m., the press release said.

Y was given an undisclosed amount of money and fled the bank, the press release said.

Officers determined that the pair had been taken to nearby casino, the press release said.

First, I would have been fired for using a press release when I started in journalism. The story never tells us how much they won or lost at the casino. Did they have the buffet lunch?

Monday, March 30, 2009

As goes General Motors, so goes the nation - another unemployed old guy

"As goes General Motors, so goes the nation." This quote, often attributed to one of my heroes, Lee Iacocca, is more accurate today than ever.

Nearly 15-million people in the U.S. have lost their job since late 2007, with 10-million, or two thirds, being men. Unemployment for black males is near 20 percent, near 40 percent for black males under 25.

So when President Barack Obama sacked Rick Wagoner, General Motors’ chief executive officer, Monday, March 30, 2009, it made Iacocca’s prophecy truer than ever. Another older American male without a job. "As goes General Motors, so goes the nation."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today’s creative thinking – Last Man Standing

Here’s your creative thinking exercise. An alien space ship lands at your feet. Inside you see the entire Lohan clan. The aliens are going to vaporize the whole family but one. If you don’t choose one, the aliens will blow up the Earth. So which one do you choose and why? Rank and rate them:






This also works for the Jonas Brothers, but you can’t pick Frankie. That’s a gimme.

If I knew anything about the Khardasians, I’d have them. I’m clueless on that whole no-talent genre.

Try the Osbournes:





Aimee doesn’t count, she keeps a low profile.

You can always try all of Billy Ray Cyrus’ children and their different mothers – that’s sort of like going with Octomom, Brad and Angie or the number of children Madonna has naturally and by adoption. Get’s confusing.

Britney Spears is challenging too. You can go with the family, Jamie, Lynne, Britney, Bryan, Jamie Lynn, but then there’s the new family, Sean Preston and Jayden James. We know Kevin’s a goner. Will Jason Alexander be the last man standing?

Now for the toughest one of all. Instead of an alien, you’re forced into a shotgun wedding. You can only choose one, would it be?

Aly or AJ

Zack or Cody

Annoying Internet ads

We all hate Internet ads, but I’ve finally found a couple that are creative. You may have seen them:



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microsoft full of lies after Gates leaves

Microsoft is in bed with computer manufacturers. They introduce new operating systems and Office products every two to three years, making your old computer obsolete. Now they’re pawning off they are cheaper. Not if you’re replacing every three years.

Think of it this way, if you bought an Apple 10 years ago it would be relevant. Let’s see you get any support for a Windows ME that is not even 10 years old. Stick with Apple.

You really don’t need to worry, though. The iPhone will be your next regular computer.

This from an unknown Associated Press journalist:

“SEATTLE - Apple's Macintosh computers may be cool, but Windows PCs are easier on the wallet.

“That's the recession-sensitive message Microsoft Corp. is pushing in a new series of commercials. The ads also continue Microsoft's work to reclaim the "I'm a PC" catchphrase from Apple Inc. and undo the stodgy image its competitor has bestowed on the Windows operating system.”

Lies, lies, lies. As Hilary Duff sang, “Do the Math.”

From a marketing sociologist standpoint, where did Microsoft find an ad agency to lie for them? Like that would be REAL hard to find.