Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slash has new CD coming
He burned my eyelid
Helped me knock Charlie Sheen
on his butt using Bret Michaels

Would you believe.....
I've been a YouTube fan
More than 20 years?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing to do in the Sonoran desert?
Black Eyed Peas, Wrestlemania, Paul McCartney
Rosanne Cash, Three Dog Night, Supertramp
On and on

Think there’s nothing to do in the desert. Sunday it’s Wrestlemania and Paul McCartney in the same location. Wednesday, Black Eyed Peas coming in where McCartney is Sunday.

Here’s the concert schedule for the next few days. Besides BEP, McCartney, Wrestlemania, there’s Rodger Hodgson, the voice of Supertramp, Kenny G, Rosanne Cash, Three Dog Night and locals Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Also the Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival, as in folk music, Saturday and Sunday; featuring 150 performers.

This follows last weekend’s Celebrity Fight Night that saw Jordin Sparks, American Idol’s Randy Jackson, Reba McIntyre, Mohammad Ali, Glen Frey (Eagles), Kris Kristofferson and a whole bunch more.

If you like comedy, try Drew Barrymore’s ex-, Tom Green is here Thursday through Saturday.

Last full week of spring training. Temperatures in the mild 80s.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you guess the Hollywood starlet?
Hint - she turned 18 this month
Marketing $ociologist contest with prize

She's on the top rated Tween television show. Has a voice like an angel, emotes well for the camera and has been in some of the MOST successful Tween movies ever. Here's another clue, you would associate her with Giggles. She's been on Friends and Third Rock from the Sun.

Send an email to MediaRelationsExpert@yahoo.com if you think you know. Prize for first person with right answer.

Remember how devastating Swine Flu
was going to be?
2009 repeats 1976
No originality in public relations strategies

September, 2008 I was interviewed by a Fox reporter about getting flu shots. I expounded upon the Swine Flu vaccination program of 1976 and how vaccine makers used President Jerry Ford (sorry, I had a journalism professor who was his good friend and always called him Jerry) to get rich.

The Fox reporter wrote me off as crazy. Less than a year after that interview, the world was going crazy with the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic – the highest alert the World Health Organization has ever issued.

What happened to that epidemic? According to Wikipedia, which describes the 1976 vaccination as the Swine Flu fiasco, the government spent $135-million 1976 dollars because a soldier died in 1975. Tell me vaccine makers didn’t become rich.

Repeat same process in 2009 Public relations is a fantastic thing. You can use the same tactics over and over without any originality. People die from Tylenol, recall the product. People die from Toyotas, issue a recall. Management, stockholders and the public buy it!

The U.S.A. spent $2-billion in 2009 for 250-million doses of the vaccine. No, I did not get the shot. I reported on the 1976 vaccine – fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, as the old saying goes. As in 1976, tell me swine flu vaccine manufacturers are not enjoying pina coladas with AIG executives and other bankers all getting rich off YOUR tax dollars. Remember that as you file your taxes this year. There were 15,000 reported swine flu deaths worldwide from the 2009 epidemic. The Center for Disease Control reports 17,000 to 52,000 U.S. citizens die annually due to regular flu.

Who was the crazy one when I was interviewed by the Fox reporter – me for spouting off about the 1976 swine flu fiasco or the reporter for not running with the story? He would have been the first. Marketing $ociology is such a wonderful thing. It’s almost like looking into the future.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Main thoroughfare in Cork, Ireland

This is how Patrick Street looked in Cork, Ireland at time my father was born there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shoping malls fail to grasp
21st Century marketing

Shopping malls continue to amaze me at their lack of understanding of marketing.

Today most are jumping on the Twitter and Facebook craze - something I was advocating three years ago.

July, 2009, I advocated malls put areas with TVs in them to create a community, a concept malls developed from the plazas of the Southwest or town squares of the East.

At the end of August, I reported how a Phoenix mall chain stole the television idea and got it all wrong.

My newest revelation on 21st Century mall marketing is to utilize streaming video like Flo TV, Justin.TV, Ustream.TV and place live Web feeds throughout your mall.

Make them a point of attraction, with a live monitor screen right near, but not adjacent, to the camera. Make the camera a location to be seen at. Make sure when you have fashion shows or bands at the mall, they are on live stream.

Check what Venice Beach, which really is nothing more than an old concept of new malls - Live, Work and Play - does in promoting itself here.

I'm always amazed at the mind of David Swift, Marketing Director for The Grove in Los Angeles. I became aware of Mr. Swift due to TweenMusic.blogspot.com. He told me Miley Cyrus was going to be performing a Friday appearance with Mitchel Musso.

I didn't believe him because Ms. Cyrus left Los Angeles about 9 p.m. Thursday to pick up a Georgia drivers license, or some trip to the south. Sure enough, she hit the stage that Friday in the early evening, as Mr. Swift promised.

I have never met Mr. Swift, but his footprint is wide. While researching this post, I discovered not only does he have a Web cam at The Grove, L.A., but he has the audacity of having a tie-in with the local Fox television station to use it as a background for weather reports by the station. Brilliant!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad economy even effecting sea life

It is not just homeless that find habitat in the park just north of the Santa Monica pier. This story from Associated Press:

Marine mammal experts
say dozens of hungry and sick sea lion pups have washed up on Southern California beaches this winter and many have died at rescue centers (just like jobs - an excuse the Obama administration hasn't used - yet).

Rescuers say the El Nino ocean warming makes the sea lions' prey, squid and fish, scarce.

The same weather pattern has been blamed for sickening hundreds of California brown pelicans.