June 21, 2017 Super Hearts Beginning of end of Periscope. Who’s going to pay band and promoter? Music piracy.

Today Periscope introduced Super Hearts, a way of paying those broadcasting on the app. As a user you purchase super hearts to give to broadcasters.

Evidently Periscope gave this “fantastic marketing and revenue generation” idea little thought.

I’ve enjoyed many live concerts on Periscope.

So now if I give $50 to the broadcaster using the Twitter-owned app, who gets that money? The broadcaster, Periscope, Twitter?

Twitter has opened itself up to legal suits unequaled since Napster.

If someone is broadcasting my band, I want a piece of that $50. As writer of the song, I want a piece of that $50. As a concert promoter booking the band, I want a piece. Wait, I’m the limo company providing transportation and trucks for that band. I want a piece of that $50.

Periscope didn’t figure the legal mess when it tangles with the music industry, which Twitter will shortly find is BIG business. There’s a post on Wikipedia – “music piracy.”


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