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Review of President Barack Obama's
August 31, 2010 speech

Google Voice
Mainstream media only year
Behind Marketing Sociologist
Media should discover QR codes in 2012

Worst public relations ever:
Arizona pulls scab on immigration issue
Governor pays $100,000 to publicize issue

Why I love Twitter
21st Century marketing tools
Using Twitter as your primary search engine

21st Century marketing tools
Teachers now graded on results
Apply this when selecting marketers

Marketing Sociologist’s 21st Century remedy for high unemployment and civic responsibility
Building unemployed self-esteem

Diversity you won't see on broadcast television

Broadcast television largely lily white
Shaping opinions of a nation
About diversity: race and age
Needs to change RIGHT NOW!

That's so First Decade
21st Century nostalgia
Creating a new term

Marketing Sociologist helping today's economy
Using 21st Century marketing tools to
Find a job

Messed up thinking and priorities
How is media influencing you?
More concerned with Mosque than drowning victims?

Time to buy gold

California governor on how states
Can create jobs

Phoenix ranks as nation's 7th worst city