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Worst public relations in years
American Petroleum Institute
spends millions advertising
Hides during Gulf Coast disaster

Evidently Associated Press staff didn't get the email

When will marketers join 21st Century?
Coachella streams
Nada for Gibson blues jazz fest
AZ Country Thunder

Kiss your A** goodbye
"Icelandic volcano eruption intensifies"
Soon will disrupt Internet, phone & television
Wasn't that in 2012?

Don't believe in miracles?
Then explain this

Florida Democrat wins U.S. House seat
So much for those dismissing
Democratic mid-term victories

Another major earthquake
Striking China's western Qinghai province
3rd major quake this month
Deja vu 2012 all over again

As Marketing $ociologist predicted
Afghan war destroying USA
As it did USSR

Why corporate communications needs to
Be practiced throughout company

20 years old Internet advertising
Garners half of 60 years old television
Still using 20th Century publicity thinking?

In case you missed it
"Online ad revenue up 2.6 pct in
4Q to $6.3 bln"

Secret to Apple iPad profits
Not 300,000 sold

Chelsea Staub Twitter
Breaks Marketing $ociologist record

Easter Earthquake shakes up
Sonoran desert
Disney star Chelsea Staub
Breaks national news story
via Twitter

Good journalists check stories

This is marketing
”Disney announces iPad applications”