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Slash has new CD coming
He burned my eyelid
Helped me knock Charlie Sheen
on his butt using Bret Michaels

Would you believe.....
I've been a YouTube fan
More than 20 years?

Hey, Ke$ha
Dress like that
Dirty old men will hit on you
Dirty young men, too

Nothing to do in the Sonoran desert?
Black Eyed Peas, Wrestlemania, Paul McCartney
Rosanne Cash, Three Dog Night, Supertramp
On and on

Can you guess the Hollywood starlet?
Hint - she turned 18 this month
Marketing $ociologist contest with prize

Remember how devastating Swine Flu
was going to be?
2009 repeats 1976
No originality in public relations strategies

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Main thoroughfare in Cork, Ireland

Shoping malls fail to grasp
21st Century marketing

Bad economy even effecting sea life