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"coff cough hack hack
I'll be around for a second term"
President Barack Obama

2-24-2010 Apple 10 billionth
iTunes download
1-1-2009 1-billion iTune downloads

This makes sense
"Research finds brain link for words,
music ability"
May explain journalism degree, newspaper
experience and 9 guitars

It's about time
"Google to build ultra-fast
broadband networks"

More bad reporting
"Couple killed after being rear-ended on
Arizona freeway"
Never, ever use "rear-ended"

Beware the lame marketer
Using 20th Century measuring tools
Measuring radio and television audience

Best part of 2010 Super Bowl
Wonder how long NFL
Will leave these videos up
These guys have been at it
45 years

Yahoo news places
California mudslides in Louisiana

Beware the great salesman
The guy who sold me four guitars
Two amps
Bob Turner Bizarre Guitar
Makes Super Bowl