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Tallying 2010 Grammy predictions
Made nearly two months ago
Grammys not swayed by sales or populatiry

Dear Mr. President
Want to help the middle class?
Bring back credit card interest
tax deduction
Eliminated by Ronald Reagan

Don't blame sleeping TSA agents
Only emulating boss Janet Napolitano

Last remaining outpost gets Internet
You thought Cuba was bad
Space Station finally gets Twitter access

Saw this girl on Haiti special
All skin and bones
Looked like she hadn't
Eaten in a month

Obama on Jo-B.S.
Why President Obama
Destined for one term presidency

Sympatico to all those in freezer
75 degrees for P F Chang running
Barrett Jackson auto sale
Love desert living

Windows 7 update
What will next operating system be called?
When will it be released?
Microsoft is killing itself

Scary fact
More people in USA can correctly spell
Heineken or Budweiser
Than know
There's no such word as healthcare

Losing weight – diet
Stay away from restaurants
Prepare you own food

Political scenario other’s haven’t discussed
Homeland Security chief
Napolitano resigns April 1
John McCain does not seek re-election

Let's see if D-Day 2010 People's Choice
Marketing $ociologist predictions come true
Live updates

USA Today: Super-spy 'Chuck' powers up for
Season 3; exclusive video
Yup, Marketing $ociologist 2 weeks ago
Breaking news before anyone

Those interns didn't know how dangerous
132 journalist died in action in 2009

AP: "Contracts down:
Is housing headed for double-dip?"
Marketing $ociologist predicted Nov. 8
"Economic prediction for early 2010"

World gotten colder?
Global warming?
Will only be 69 degrees
Not 75 in desert tomorrow

Ha, ha, ha 71 degrees @ 5 p.m.

While Google fiddles phone
World burns
What a day for news
Starting decade right

Google phone details to be
unveiled tomorrow

Weight loss just like marketing
Write it down, measure it and set goals