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Marketing $ociologist Twitter strategies
Make ABC News story

One month to the 21st Century's
Second decade

End of the decade discount

Oh, really?
Reuters reports, Online shopping hits
Record for black Friday
Sales up 11% compared to 0.5 for retail

iPhone pulls a Miley Cyrus
4G pushed back like The Last Song movie

What Michaele and Tareq Salahi taught us
You can do anything
Go anywhere
With a hot woman on your arm

20th Century=black Friday
First decade 21st Century=cyber Monday
Safe at home reading Twitters

I love the Internet again and again

My type of people
Couple slips though security to crash state dinner

Being more effective with Twitter marketing

Four out of four on AMA
Revlon up 800% in seven months
Taylor Swift CMA & AMA predictions
Why you need Marketing $ociologist
Losing $?

Internet is so wonderful
Goodbye 20th Century television, print media

46 years ago today
End of Camelot U.S.A.
John F. Kennedy assassinated

Tween Music scoops both TMZ & Perez Hilton
Miley Cyrus tour bus crash

Headline: Newspaper ad sales fall again
Yawn, break out those press releases
Too early for 21st Century marketing

Company seeking crates of Scotch whiskey
frozen in Antarctic ice
Strippers in Vegas
Marketing genius

Hiring social media practitioners
Corporations still don’t “get” 21st Century marketing

Google once more proves it is a marketer’s dream
New 21st Century measuring tools