Monday, May 21, 2012

Direct mail vs. QR codes
Less than 1% return vs. 18%
Why are you still using 20th Century marketing?

A report in Mashable stated "50 percent of smartphone owners have scanned QR codes. 18 percent of them made a purchase after scanning."

Recently spoke to an expert in direct mail. She said typically you have a one-percent response from direct mail. Of that one-percent, five percent purchase.

This is the difference between 20th Century marketing (direct mail) and 21st (QR codes, apps, etc.).

Let's say you did a very modest direct mail piece of 100,000. That would cost you or your company anywhere from $200,000 on up; generally in the half-million dollar range.

From that mailing you'd get 1,000 inquiries, and close 50.

With QR codes, out of 100,000 scanning - that would be 18,000 sales.

A recent pew study says nearly half the U.S.A. is using smartphones. That means with QR codes you have roughly 150-million potential customers with a nine-percent close ratio (half that 150-million scan QR codes, so only nine-percent of the 150-million will close).

So why are you still using 20th Century marketing like press releases and direct mail when you could be making more money using 21st Century marketing?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is Disney handling of Rick Ross departure
What is wrong with corporate USA?
Avengers breaks all records
Risk takers disappearing from Corporate USA

This is an speculation editorial. I'm not in the know. I'm pretty sure former Disney movie chairman Rich Ross was pushed on April 20, not a voluntary quit. This blog is my opinion, few, if any facts.

Rick Ross lost $200-million dollars on the movie "John Carter." Ross took a risk - something not popular in corporate USA today - why we are being beaten by companies in China, India and why Japan took market share in electronics, auto and other fields in the 1980s. Ross is no longer in his plush position due to that risk.

Corporate USA forgot what risk is - like the first Apple computer. Who knew if there was a market for a home computer? Today, most valuable company in the world. Apple took a risk. IBM didn't. Where do they rank today?

This past 10 days, Avengers broke every record for income in its worldwide release - Star Wars, Harry Potter all bowed to the Avengers movie. Avengers brought in two-thirds of a billion dollars in its first 10 days.

This was a movie Ross was involved in. How involved, hopefully others will comment. I don't know.

So if I were the president of a company and you said, "Let me blow $200-million on one film and I'll bring you three times that on another." I'd say, "Go for it." That is three-to-one return on my loss.

Yet for most of corporate USA, they aren't willing to take that risk. Hiring the safe, fresh out of college intern and grooming them is a lot better than finding a fanatic who loves your company and will risk your company's money and reputation to make you more money and a better reputation. Corporate USA doesn't hire those individuals. You could ask Steve Jobs, but he isn't with us any more. The fanatic individuals are disappearing from USA business.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marketing Sociologists can predict the future
Carrie Underwood tops Billboard May 9, 2012
Albums chart 200

American Idol 2005 champ Carrie Underwood will take the Billboard #1 slot this coming Wednesday with her new Blown Away. Who says Marketing Sociologists can't predict the future? We have our sources! Underwood sold just under 300,000 units (reportedly) to achieve #1.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Selena Gomez
Uses Twitter
21st Century marketing
Should have live streamed
Even baby had smartphone

Selena Gomez is utilizing 21st Century marketing to sell her Target clothing line. Imagine if this had been live streamed!

Watch carefully. Even the baby under 1-year old handed her smartphone to her mother when Selena Gomez picked her up. Why I say mobile marketing is so crucial during the 21st Century's teen years. Looks like everyone at this event was mobile equipped.