Friday, April 29, 2011

College degree waste of money
most millionaires / billionaires
without college degree

Bill Gates - billionaire
Oprah - billionaire

Joe Jonas - millionaire

Charlie Sheen - millionaire

Paris Hilton - millionaire

Miley Cyrus - almost billionaire

Mick Jagger - millionaire

What do all these rich people have in common? No college degree.

Getting a college degree and making a lot of money is smoke and mirrors. It is a gamut run by college marketing departments - most living off taxpayer dollars. Meaning the people telling you you're going to be rich with a college degree are not wealthy themselves.

My siblings, including myself, all have masters degrees or higher. Not a one of us has earned anywhere close to six figures in one year.

Don't be tempted by the college marketers. Save your $.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Night I knocked Charlie Sheen on his ass

True story.

Guitarist Slash played Scottsdale's Cajun House April 14, 1997 and October 31, 1997. Was up front at both shows.

At the Halloween show, there was a guy next to me in a Slash stove pipe hat with a Slash wig. Slash looked at us, pointing the index finger of each hand at us and said, "You guys were here last time." Looked at the guy. Yup, he was up front at the April show.

Near the last third of the show a guy with long blond hair and a bandana tried to push me out of the way at the front of the stage. I thought he was just another Halloween partier dressed as Axl Rose (Slash's former Guns N' Roses bandmate). I pushed him aside and he fell backwards on a short guy about 5'2" or 5'5". That short guy fell on his butt.

Five minutes later the short guy, wearing a Seinfeld looking ruffles pirate shirt, was up on stage behind Slash waving his arms. Turns out the Axl Rose guy was Bret Michaels and the short guy was Charlie Sheen. Both were in Phoenix filming No Code of Conduct.

Still carry a scar on my right eyelid where Slash tossed a cigarette at the April show and it hit me. Wonder if Sheen has a scar on his ass from the fall?