Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 New Year's Eve Fiesta Bowl Parade Phoenix Sonoran Desert Arizona

Occupy Phoenix New Year's Eve 2011
In 75 degree weather at noon


Saturday, August 27, 2011

President Barack Obama's job plan
This should be good for a laugh
Republicans don't have a plan either
No recovery before 2017

Until the U.S.A. adopts a closed border plan, don't expect any economic recovery to work - from either party.

China closed its doors for centuries. Now the world's economic power. U.S.A. needs to copy. No goods or immigrants from other countries. Try that for two decades and see how powerful the U.S.A. will be.

Get out of Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq and stick to securing our own commerce and borders.

No iPhones, computers, guitars made in other countries - even Mexico or Canada. All car parts made here. We welcome Toyota, Mercedes, Honda and other companies that want to build plants here. Unless things are made in U.S.A., they can not come into the country. Foreign companies can only remove 10 percent of profits made in U.S.A. from our nation.

How to have a healthy economy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

College degree waste of money
most millionaires / billionaires
without college degree

Bill Gates - billionaire
Oprah - billionaire

Joe Jonas - millionaire

Charlie Sheen - millionaire

Paris Hilton - millionaire

Miley Cyrus - almost billionaire

Mick Jagger - millionaire

What do all these rich people have in common? No college degree.

Getting a college degree and making a lot of money is smoke and mirrors. It is a gamut run by college marketing departments - most living off taxpayer dollars. Meaning the people telling you you're going to be rich with a college degree are not wealthy themselves.

My siblings, including myself, all have masters degrees or higher. Not a one of us has earned anywhere close to six figures in one year.

Don't be tempted by the college marketers. Save your $.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Night I knocked Charlie Sheen on his ass

True story.

Guitarist Slash played Scottsdale's Cajun House April 14, 1997 and October 31, 1997. Was up front at both shows.

At the Halloween show, there was a guy next to me in a Slash stove pipe hat with a Slash wig. Slash looked at us, pointing the index finger of each hand at us and said, "You guys were here last time." Looked at the guy. Yup, he was up front at the April show.

Near the last third of the show a guy with long blond hair and a bandana tried to push me out of the way at the front of the stage. I thought he was just another Halloween partier dressed as Axl Rose (Slash's former Guns N' Roses bandmate). I pushed him aside and he fell backwards on a short guy about 5'2" or 5'5". That short guy fell on his butt.

Five minutes later the short guy, wearing a Seinfeld looking ruffles pirate shirt, was up on stage behind Slash waving his arms. Turns out the Axl Rose guy was Bret Michaels and the short guy was Charlie Sheen. Both were in Phoenix filming No Code of Conduct.

Still carry a scar on my right eyelid where Slash tossed a cigarette at the April show and it hit me. Wonder if Sheen has a scar on his ass from the fall?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worst public relations ever:
Arizona on verge of losing Fiesta Bowl
Former Intel chief said would
never locate now

One of Arizona's biggest leaders has been fired from the Fiesta Bowl. The Bowl's CEO John Junker was recently fired for alleged misappropriation of Bowl funds. This is a man who influenced politicians at every level throughout the state. He influenced decisions made for every citizen in the state.

Arizona now faces the prospect of losing the annual Bowl Championship Series event that generates $140-million to the state's economy.

Arizona also has the highest state budget deficit per capita of any state in the nation.

Also this week, former Intel CEO Craig Barrett said if Intel was looking to locate in Arizona today as it did decades ago, it would pass due to Arizona's poor quality of education today.

Arizona definitely has a public relations problem. The problem stems from the fact that corporations and public relations firms hire nothing but interns in their early 20s. Here's two examples,
here and here. It is an indication those in charge in Arizona don't value public relations, or 21st Century marketing tools, if they put inexperienced people in crucial rolls.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

60 percent of your Internet message needs to be visual

You Twitter all the time; yet nothing. Maybe you’re missing several key elements in your Twitter marketing mix. Today we look at the visual aspect. You’re doing the hashtags, the @ to people, but want to improve.

If you’re going to utilize both Facebook and Twitter as your primary 21st Century marketing tools palette, you’re going to have to think visual. That means adding photos and videos to your “social media” campaign.

There are many tools to add photos. Facebook just upload. Twitter, there’s Twitpics, Twitpix, Plixi and this could probably go on all day. You get the picture.

Yet the greatest power is video. I recommend EVERYONE have a YouTube account. I’ve been recommending YouTube since 2006. At that time, every major magazine turned down articles I had written about how to use YouTube and what could be found on it. Today YouTube’s all you read about. Those same magazines are turning down QR Code stories now.

Once your videos are uploaded to YouTube, share links. Shorten the links with shortening engines like TinyUrl,, etc.

For more information, contact me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Personalities drive your followers
How to get more Twitter followers

Want to get more Twitter (and probably Facebook) followers? I know, what an idiotic question. Of course you do.

Charlie Sheen broke the Guinness Book of records getting 1-million Twitter followers in 20 hours. How long have you been on Twitter and how many followers do you have?

So here’s a simple secret. Start following personalities and see how many people follow you.

Here’s the brilliance of it. You don’t need to write one Tweet. Just follow celebrities. Radio announcers and television newscasters are included in this personality following. Sports and NASCAR personalities too.
Another secret is retweet the celebrity’s messages. Do an @celebrity’sTwitterName – but remember the rule, put at least one character before the @ sign.

Once you follow, an effective way to manage it is lists. See blog on lists. You could do engines like HootSuite or Twitdeck, but I prefer to operate within Twitter. It’s all there – searches, etc., if you know how to use it. You can create a television news list, music celebrity list, sports figures list. Makes it all easier to manage.

If you’d like more information, contact me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Twitter’s deep and dark secret
A huge Twitter mistake you are probably making

One of the biggest mistake even the wizened Twitter –er makes is starting their post with an @ sign to reach someone. If I’m following you, I’m never going to see that.

More than likely there’s only two groups that will see it. People who ACTUALLY click on your profile (don’t kid yourself, you’re not Justin Bieber – people aren’t actually clicking on your profile); and the person you sent it to when he or she clicks on the @mentions button on Twitter.

So if you want your message to be seen by the greater Twitter population, you put a letter, number or character and a space before you put the @ sign. That simple. If you only want to contact that person without the world seeing it, direct message them. They need to be following you to direct message. If you want to DM them, Tweet with nothing in front @famousperson follow me so I can DM you, please. You can also email them. I know, what is email.

If you’d like more information, contact me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twitter: it’s a numbers game

Some people actually communicate via Twitter. I used to, but the people I interact with seem to have given up on this form of communications.

Seems Twitter has become about numbers, not communications. It’s no longer like texting your friends. It has become I follow 2,000 people and have 1,800 following me.

I tried this tactic for one client. Got lots of followers pitching SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who a year ago were advertising or public relations firms; plus people selling their book or insurance, as followers. Went to the bathroom and had 500 Tweets when I returned. How is someone going to respond to 100 Tweets per minute? There are meetings to go to and other work. You can’t be on Twitter 24/7.

Have been asking questions via Twitter for years. Two years ago people would respond. You would think following 2,000 with nearly the same amount following you, you’d get an answer – zip.

In late 2010, Twitter migrated to what the Internet was in 1994 – purely an electronic billboard. Yes, I blame the advertising and public relations people who discovered Twitter last year. These are the same people who must let you know where they are via Four Square and are now migrating to Quora since it is getting press. Same reason SXSW (used to be South by Southwest) is now a geek fest when it used to be a musical event. The advertising and public relations people, now SEO experts after a year in the field, discovered SXSW this year.

Yet you cannot overlook Twitter in your marketing mix. It sells CDs for Selena Gomez, Mitchel Musso and other Disney stars. It draws television viewers for Hellcats and other shows. It gets noticed by that television news personality you’re trying to get a story from.

For more information, click the “call me” link on this page.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Using lists
Getting the most out of Twitter

A major Twitter secret is lists. If you’re not using lists, you’re missing a whole variety of experiences to Twitter.

Lists allow you to follow customers and friends without wading through the chaff of useless messages if you’re following thousands of people.

One of my secrets is to know everything the competition is doing with secured lists. By clicking the lock, the person you’re following cannot see you’re following them. You read their Tweets – they generally don’t know about keeping trade secrets – and know what they’re up to.

One such list I used for a client, I discovered the competition was deploying QR codes as I had developed for that client. When I created a daily Internet journal for the client, the competition Tweeted asking how to do it, as they had about the QR codes.

Secured lists also keep your prospects and employees private from your competition if they’ve read this post and are following you.

For more information, click the “call me” link on this page.

Monday, March 14, 2011

How social media impacts your SEO Google page ranking

In late January or early February, depending upon who you talk to, Google – the 30 ton gorilla of Internet search engines – changed its algorithms to catch up with social media (21st Century marketing tools) impact on the world.

It was also to fight content farms – the practice of creating multiple websites pointing back to your landing page, or home website.

If you are a company and not actively, and I mean actively, involved with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, you’re going to lose SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or ranking on Google).

You need to be active on Twitter. Your organization needs to develop Facebook content to get people to like you. More on this in future posts. If you can’t wait for the information, click the call me link on this page.

While almost all public relations and advertising agencies adopted social media divisions in the past year, I’ve been a Marketing Sociologist since 2005, utilizing the latest in 21st Century marketing tools; delivering Internet content since 1984.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Words of a millionaire: I had it. I lost it.
Now let's make it back.

Ira Lavin was one of Phoenix, Arizona's mid-to-late 20th Century millionaires. He at one time or another had owned most of the radio stations in Central Arizona.

Sitting next to him at a charity affair in the '80s, I said, "Ira, tell me about the time you lost your first million." My non-profit association boss, of one of the nation's largest non-profits, was appalled and yelled at me for asking such a question.

One thing I learned early in life, millionaires love to talk about the first million they lost. As Charlie Sheen has recently noted, "winners." Every millionaire is a winner. They take risks and that's why they lose that first million, only to make it back in spades. Look at Donald Trump's or Ted Turner's history. Risk takers.

Ironically, every person living in a trailer park has the dream of being a millionaire. Their plan includes winning the lottery, going to the bar, watching all the latest television shows.

Yet when you talk to the millionaires, here's what they say: "I Think when I work fourteen hour days, seven days a week, I get lucky," Armand Hammer. "Twelve-hour workdays were anything but uncommon and many stretched to fourteen or more," J. Paul Getty.

I can tell alot about people. Those who have read this blog in the past are not millionaires. My phone is attached to this website. I have not heard from anyone. It is a free call. Winners would click it. Are you a winner or a "troll"?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Worst public relations ever:
Arizona soon to have nation's
highest tax rate

This past week the Tax Foundation released a report that Arizona is third in sales tax of all USA states. Yet when you mine the data, Arizona will be #1 before the end of 2011.

Tennessee ranked #1 with 9.44 percent. Yet like Texas and Nevada, there is no personal income tax in Tennessee. There is in Arizona. So Arizonans are taxed more.

California's 9.08 percent is higher than Arizona's 9.01. A disclaimer at the bottom of Tax Foundation's chart says
California's state sales tax is scheduled to drop 1 percentage point on July 1, 2011.

That means Arizona will have the nation's highest tax rate when you include personal income and sales tax as of July 1.

Last year Arizona voters overwhelming approved a one-cent tax increase. They approve almost every government bond, and school override, tax put before them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Difference between push and pull marketing
21st Century marketing tools

Here's the difference between push and pull marketing.

Went to Dillard's today. Strolled around, looked at the merchandise. A polite clerk said
may I help you? No. Went on shopping and purchased.

Right next door was an auto sales tent event. Walked in. Can I have your name?

I'd just like to look around.

I'll get a salesperson for you to look around.

I just wanted to look around.

You can't do that without a salesperson.

Okay, goodbye.

A lost sale - and it probably would have been a sale. Pull marketing wins over push.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

While traditional news focused on Tucson killings
Hundreds died worldwide in floods and riots

While the USA media again went on a frenzy with the Tucson shootings, here's what you missed. In Brazil, more than 517 people died in flooding.

It is said 2010 was the worst year on record for natural disasters; 2011 already has a great start. Is 2012 the end? Besides Brazil, heavily populated Australia lost 10 with 90 missing in flooding occurring while all you could get was the Tucson killings on traditional new media.

In Tunisia, the president left amid riots where 35 or more were killed.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Instead of trains connecting Phoenix to Los Angeles
City fathers go for broke with light rail

Imagine the commerce Phoenix could have if there was a train that traveled 200 MPH between Phoenix and Los Angeles; Los Angeles in two hours.

Yet two years ago the City of Phoenix opened 20 miles of light rail connecting Phoenix to Mesa, and that takes about 90 minutes. The City of Phoenix spent $1.4-billion on those 20 miles.

Currently, there is no train that connects Phoenix to any city – other than the light rail to Mesa.

When you look at cities like Riverside, California, a warehouse hub, you see many, many jobs created by the rail line connections. Metrolink and Coaster have benefited Southern California.

Phoenix has experienced no job growth with its 20 miles of light rail. What an idea! Now Phoenix city fathers are raising water rates substantially for the third or more times since the light rail was opened to cover budget deficits.

It could also be US Airways calls Phoenix home. That would be limited, small-minded thinking if political leaders were afraid to offend a local corporation to bring more business to an area. Even US Airways would benefit with a high speed train between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

With brain trusts like this, you wonder why Arizona has more than a billion dollars in state operating budget deficit?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Okay, I was wrong
Maybe shootings good for Arizona economy
Obama, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, even Oprah?
Filling up hotel rooms

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I'll admit I was wrong. Saturday's Tucson shooting has been a boon for Arizona's tourism industry.

The state celebrates the BCS college bowl tonight and had two bowl games just passed. We are preparing for spring baseball training, the Phoenix Open, Barrett-Jackson and other auto collector car auctions, the P F Chang Rock and Roll Marathon. Hotel rooms, normally $99 per night in the summer heat, go for $300 or more during the desert's high season. With all this commotion, it means hotel rooms will probably be higher than ever. Food servers will be getting unheard-of tips..

Yet I fear for the state's long term financial health. Businesses considering creating permanent jobs in the state may have second thoughts after all this.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona: Worst public relations ever
Congressional shooter delivers fatal bullet
to Arizona economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The state where Oklahoma federal building bomber Timothy McVeigh was arrested, where the Miranda Act stemmed from has added another notch on its wild west image today as a Tucson gunman put a fatal bullet in the state’s economy when he shot U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Media has identified the suspected Giffords shooter as Jared Loughner.

Two years ago I termed Arizona’s economy the 21st Century Dust Bowl. Today’s shooting puts the death knell on Arizona’s economy. Highest in job losses of any state since 2008, highest percent of budget deficit per resident in the nation, highest home foreclosures of any state and highest in savings and banks takeover.

In the past year, Governor Jan Brewer stammered during her only debate for office, a Phoenix hospital mixed the identities of a traffic fatality, SB 1070 immigration bill passed, is looking at eliminating the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment and local media ignored a traffic fatality that killed comedian Robert Shimmel.

Its history of violence goes back even before the 1960s when Charles Schmid made the cover of Life Magazine .

Someone carried a gun – which are legal to carry or conceal in the state – to a President Barack Obama rally. The state’s largest university snubbed Obama by denying him an honorary degree when he spoke there.

Where will all this bad public relations for Arizona end? It seems never-ending for those who call the state home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How modern is your communication plan?
Floppy disk in a mobile app, QR code world?

In the spring of 2010, a suburban community college in Phoenix didn't want to hear my suggestion of mobile apps for SmartPhones and iPhones. They wanted television advertising.

I asked why, since the head of sales at Arizona's largest television station told me you'd never reach her 15-years old daughter with television advertising. The community college's answer was they had done television (and print, which they continue today) advertising since 1995. I asked how they tracked results. They didn't. Really? Your tax dollars at work.

So my question is, still using a floppy drive on your computer? Buying software that requires you to download from a floppy drive? Is your communications plan for 2011 a floppy disk or a mobile app strategy?

Again, click the icon and call for a free review of your 2011 marketing strategy.
After this was written, Apple reported the sale of 10-billion apps in 15 days from the Apple apps store.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your 2011 marketing plan;
Does it include mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter
Or are you partying like 1999:
Press releases?

This time four years ago I was being thrown out of offices for telling prospective clients they needed a MySpace and YouTube presence. Most of those firms are in graveyard section. I'm still reading on Linkedin questions, where do I send my press releases.

In March, 2009, I said Your next computer will be an iPhone (today more than likely an Android or Windows mobile).

There are half-a-million Android and iPhones activated daily in the USA. It is estimated there will be seven trillion texts sent in 2011. There are 4.2-billion mobile subscribers with 1,667 messages per user (where I read that did not say month or year. I'm assuming per month).

There are a quarter of a billion Facebook users in North America. Reportedly 150 billion new to Facebook between March and November, 2010 (worldwide).

You need to look on the horizon. I know people who have been on Twitter longer than me. I'm entering my third year - how about your company? How long has it been using Facebook and Twitter? Still sending out press releases?

As stated, four years ago I was suggesting MySpace. In 2007, it was (reportedly) the top visited website. In 2010, the top site was Facebook. Facebook has killed blogs, websites, blog radio and almost every other media. Where you sending those press releases? You're worried about SEO (search engine optimization) to your web page? You should have been worried about that in the 21st Century's first decade.

Today is the start of the second year of the 21st Century's second decade. Your employees are on Facebook all day on their SmartPhones. More than 80 percent of your employees have SmartPhones and are using them - constantly. Yet your marketing plan is still focused on your website, SEO and press releases?

In June, 2010, I was on a blog talk radio station - I stated I no longer have a website. Today, Facebook fan pages have replaced websites. There are more than 200-million Facebook fan pages, so I read.

Let's discuss your 2011 marketing plan. Click on the call me icon on this page - it's a free call.

Is Barack Obama throwing USA into economic calamity?
Highest gas prices in 2010 for any Christmas

In June, 2010, I stated, Barack Obama isn't doing much to stem oil prices. Prognosticators are calling for oil to exceed $100 per barrel in July. If this happens, it will throw the nation - during the 21st Century depression - further into jeopardy. Less than two years before the 2012 election, it looks more and more like President Obama will fulfill my April, 2009 prophecy of one term president.

What the USA needs is to immediately leave the Middle East - Afghanistan and Iraq. Protect its borders and create an isolationist policy.
Substantially raise tariffs on non-USA products, including beef and agricultural products. Devalue the dollar - again.

As President Bill Clinton had on his desk, It's the economy, stupid. If Obama doesn't focus on the economy, immediately, it could ruin the USA as fighting in Afghanistan ruined the USSR.