Monday, May 31, 2010

More this is marketing!
iPad sells 2 million in USA in 50 days
Reminds me of the dinosaur days when
Musicians sold 16 million albums

Clint Eastwood turns 80 today
How many people can say they have
55 years of success in their career?
Let’s make his day!

How many people have been a success for 55 years? Let’s honor Clint Eastwood as he turns octogenarian today!

Death Valley Days


Spaghetti westerns (Fist Full of Dollars, etc.)

Filming in Albuquerque – the Every/Any Which Way You Can movies

Outlaw Josie Wales (I loved this one)

Play Misty for Me

Oh yeah, something called Dirty Harry

Gran Torino

With the passing of Dennis Hopper, few actors, like Dick Van Dyke, can say they’ve been making hits since the mid-‘50s. Cloris Leachman has been doing it since the mid-‘40s and has a film coming out this year!

If you’re looking for people to admire, here’s three! There’s lots more. Look for longevity and success, like Betty White.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Associated Press fails to realize 4G faster than cable
Doesn't discuss 700 MHz band
4G not for phone calls

I LOVE Associated Press. It deals with facts, but sometimes it misses the point as in the story below. 4G will be faster than your cable or DSL service. 4G was designed in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which made television vacate the 700 MHz band last June. If you want to find out more about that, search my name and DTV. The 700 MHz band is HUGE.

The plan is for entertainment companies to offer FIRST RUN movies over the 4G network. By the way, 4G has been in the planning stage for about 15 years. Here's the AP story.

NEW YORK – Cell phone companies are about to barrage consumers with advertising for the next advance in wireless network technology: "4G" access. The companies are promising faster speeds and the thrill of being the first on the block to use a new acronym.

But there's less to 4G than meets the eye, and there's little reason for people to scramble for it, at least for the next few years.

Sprint Nextel Corp. is the first carrier to beat the drum for fourth-generation wireless technology. It's releasing its first 4G phone, the EVO, this week.

In the fall, Verizon Wireless will be firing up its 4G network in 25 to 30 cities, and probably will make a big deal of that. A smaller provider, MetroPCS Communications Inc., is scheduled to introduce its first 4G phone around the same time.

So what is 4G?

Broadly speaking, it's a new way to use the airwaves, designed from the start for the transmission of data rather than phone calls. To do that, it borrows aspects of the latest generation of Wi-Fi, the short-range wireless technology.

For consumers, 4G means, in the ideal case, faster access to data. For instance, streaming video might work better, with less stuttering and higher resolution. Videoconferencing is difficult on 3G and might work better on 4G. Multiplayer video games may benefit too.

Other than that, it's difficult to point to completely new uses for 4G phones — things they can do that 3G phones can't.

Instead, the upgrade to 4G is more likely to enhance the things you can already do with 3G, said Matt Carter, president of Sprint's 4G division.

"View it as the difference between watching regular TV and high-definition TV," Carter said. "Once you've experienced high-definition TV it's hard to go back to standard TV. It's the same sort of thing here."

So the improvement from 3G to 4G is not as dramatic as the step from 2G to 3G, which for the first time made real Web browsing, video and music downloads practical on phones. The introduction of 3G started in earnest about five years ago, but it isn't complete — AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA still have little rural 3G coverage, for instance.

There's an important caveat to the claim that 4G will be faster, as well. It will definitely be faster than the 3G networks of Sprint and Verizon Wireless — about four times faster, initially. But the other two national carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, are upgrading their 3G networks to offer data-transfer speeds that will actually be higher than the speeds 4G networks will reach this year or next.

That means that rather than focusing on real speeds, Sprint and Verizon will try to frame their marketing around the "4G" term, said Dan Hays, who focuses on telecommunications at management consulting firm PRTM.

"It's a terrible story from a consumer standpoint, because it's tremendously confusing," he said.

AT&T and T-Mobile are able to upgrade their 3G networks because they use a different 3G technology than Verizon and Sprint, which have maxed out their 3G speeds. Taking the step to 4G is natural for Verizon and Sprint, especially because they have new chunks of the radio spectrum that they want to take advantage of.

The fact that Verizon Wireless and Sprint are adding fresh spectrum may be more important than the fact that they are using it for 4G service. No matter if used for 4G or 3G, new spectrum means the companies can accommodate more data-hungry devices such as smart phones.

AT&T's network is already staggering under data congestion caused by the iPhone in New York and San Francisco. The carrier has made relieving the congestion a top priority this year, and its 3G upgrades are part of that process. (As an aside, there is a lot of talk of a coming "iPhone 4G." Apple Inc. will most likely release the fourth generation of the iPhone for AT&T's network this summer, but it's virtually certain that it will not be able to use a 4G wireless network. It likely won't be called the "iPhone 4G" either.) (Marketing $ociologist note - AT&T was SUPPOSE to release 4G at Christmas, 2009. Never happened.)

There's another, more subtle benefit to 4G. While it's not always faster than the best 3G when it comes to helping you download a big file in less time, it is definitely faster in the sense that it takes less time to initiate the flow of data to you. What that means is that 4G is faster for quick back-and-forth communications. You wouldn't notice this when surfing the Web or doing e-mail: We're talking delays of 0.03 second rather than 0.15 second. But it could mean that 4G will work better for multiplayer gaming, where split-second timing is important. Even phone calls could benefit from shorter audio delays.

Sprint and Verizon are taking different routes in 4G. Sprint owns a majority of Clearwire Corp., which is building a network using WiMax technology. Once seen as very promising, WiMax looks set to be a niche technology, and WiMax devices like the Sprint EVO phone won't be able to use networks built using the dominant 4G standard, called LTE, for Long Term Evolution. Verizon and MetroPCS plan to use LTE, as does AT&T, starting next year. T-Mobile says it will probably use LTE eventually. Even Sprint hasn't ruled out using LTE eventually, because the technology has huge momentum.

In five years or so, many phones are likely to have 4G capabilities, but they'll complement it with 3G. Rather than a sudden revolution, consumers are likely to experience a gradual transition to the new technology, with increasing speeds. But for now, 4G is no magic bullet.

"It's an important thing for the industry," said Bill Davidson, senior vice president of marketing and investor relations at wireless technology developer Qualcomm Inc. "It's absolutely needed. ... But I just think some of this has gotten a bit ahead of itself in terms of expectations for consumers."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Arizona immigration bill possibly
Worst public relations campaign ever?
As bad as Nero?

Hard to believe Arizona is 20 months from celebrating the last continental U.S. centennial. Its former governor fought the agency licensed by the state to coordinate the centennial, passing a law against it in 2005. She's now head of Homeland Security and doing a fantastic job with that oil spill in the Gulf and sleeping TSA guards. Fantastic public relations, right?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dennis Hopper joins James Dean
Two great actors in Heaven
How we should remember Mr. Hopper

Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember that Marketing $ociologist prediction: California earthquake?
Mother Earth spits up in Central America
Follows Iceland's example

This from Associated Press:

GUATEMALA CITY – Explosive eruptions shook two huge volcanos in Central and South America on Friday, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes and disrupting air traffic as ash drifted over major cities.

Guatemala's Pacaya volcano started erupting lava and rocks Thursday afternoon, blanketing the country's capital with ash and forcing the closure of the international airport. A television reporter was killed by a shower of burning rocks when he got too close to the volcano, about 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of Guatemala City.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Worst public relations plan: World protests your immigration bill while no one boycotts BP products after company damages planet

Arizona has to know it has the worst public relations plans ever when it faces more ridicule than the British company who has destroyed the planet’s eco-system. Yet Arizona is oblivious to this fact.

I deem all the public relations experts hired by the State of Arizona and those employed by the state as the WORST flacks in public relations history.

I also urge all those protesting Arizona to focus their boycotts on BP and its products, Arco AMPM, Castrol, BP Asphalt, its NGL products and BP Solar Home Solutions.

Both Arizona’s passage of SB 1070 and BP’s Gulf spill are about a month old, yet in that month, Arizona’s public relations plans have garnered more animosity than BP destroying the world’s environment. That is BAD public relations!

Blockbuster preparing to deliver first run
Movies on your

Have been preaching this for years, but no one is listening. Several years ago the FCC cleared up the 700 MHz frequency. It moved all TV stations from this band (why you went from broadcast to digital). It is a very wide band of wireless or radio frequency.

The intent was to allow wireless or cell phone companies access to this band for first run movies.

While you blinked, Blockbuster has been building its
Mobile Product division. Will Blockbuster be the first out the gate offering first run movies over SmartPhones?

It's about time. I've even been offering story ideas for 'net and Smartphone videos. Visit here, here, or here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On government dole
Private industry jobs --
Lowest in USA history

USA Today reports private industry jobs have shrunk to their lowest level in US history.

"...government-provided benefits from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010."

Add to that in states like Arizona, State government is the #1 employer with other government agencies making up half the top 10 employer.

Do the math - fewest jobs in history, most government employees in history. We're in deep do-do as a nation. Shall we turn to Greece for advice? Will China call our markers written under George W. Bush?

Will we avoid it all via a massive earthquake in California? Stay tuned

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strong earthquake rocks Brazil-Peru
More serious tremors in
California Mexico in past 24 hours
Plate Tectonics along Pacific Ocean

Below is the story of Peru-Brazil earthquake. For info on California Mexico border quakes, click here.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - – A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Monday near the mountainous border of Brazil and Peru, experts from the US Geographical Survey said.

The temblor, with its center about 127 km (79 miles) east-southeast of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil, and 328 km (204 miles) east of Pucallpa, in Peru's Andes, struck at 1618 GMT, the USGS said.

Sunday another strong 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted several regions of Peru including the capital, Lima, with no damage immediately reported, Peru's National Geophysics Institute reported.

That followed another strong temblor in northern Peru early Wednesday. A 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit northern Peru early Wednesday morning some 131 kilometers (81 miles) north-northwest of the town of Moyobamba.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What your government isn't telling you
While news covers Gulf Coast
America experiences massive earthquakes

Sunday, May 23, 2010, Peru experienced a 5.9 earthquake. This past Wednesday it was 6.0.

Thursday, Costa Rica had a 5.9.

Southern California and Northern Mexico, site of recent quakes that gathered news attention, had more than 50 tremors in the past 24 hours. Check this site by clicking here.

Is there something the U.S. government is missing, or not telling its citizens?

Marketing $ociologist starting another revolution

Happened to me again. It also happens when I try watching network TV at network sites instead of sites like CH131 (defunct).

Just visited the LA Lakers website and had a video with an ad in it. Same thing happens at the networks.

Big business hasn't yet figured out how to monetize the Internet. After all, it's only been around for a quarter of a century (In 1984, as Executive Editor of Dairy Magazine, I was delivering news stories to computers housed in barns. That's why I had to learn protocol.). So lame marketers jump at 20th Century marketing techniques - television-style advertising; mental geniuses.

Due to corporate marketers not willing to embrace 21st Century marketing tools, I call on all readers - and the ones they pass this blog post onto - to do one simple thing when you get those 20th Century marketing ads. There's a little X in that browser tab. Whenever you get an ad, immediately click that little X. Wipe that web page off your browser.

That is today's Marketing $ociologist revolution. Thank you for participating.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stars on Arizona, including Johnny Depp
Shakira, Mark Lindsay, Mickey Dolenz
Kings of Leon

Motorola Droid outsells Apple's iPhone?

Many online sources are claiming Motorola's Droid has outsold new Apple iPhones. I could not substantiate this through any legitimate news source such as Associated Press, New York Times.

Lots of other websites are claiming it, though.

Facts first, here, though

If you've heard of this old technology called television, the Droid is advertised (another archaic word) all over it. Apple uses a 21st Century marketing tool to sell 1-million+ iPads in a month, iPhone and its other products. That term is buzz..

Friday, May 21, 2010

More on Arizona's tarnished image

Previously blogged, Arizona's Tarnished Image: What NOT to do in crisis communications.

Following that up, here is Oct. 21, 2010 story from Arizona Republic:

Known cancellations of meetings or events planned in Arizona:

• Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the oldest African American Greek-lettered fraternity, cancelled a July meeting at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. (with an estimated 5,000 attendees) Convention moved to Las Vegas

• American Immigration Lawyers Association cancelled its fall conference at the Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley.

• National Urban League. The group issued a rebuke of the city and suspended consideration of Phoenix's bid to host its 2012 annual conference.

• National Autonomous University of Mexico has canceled its exchange program with the University of Arizona.

• Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí has canceled its exchange program with the University of Arizona.

• Club América, one of Mexico's biggest soccer teams, cancelled its exhibition match against Club de Fútbol Pachuca scheduled for July 7 at University of Phoenix Stadium. Gilbert-based event promoters will likely move the match to California.

• Representatives of the Mexican state of Sonora announced they would not attend the annual meeting of the Sonora-Arizona Commission, scheduled to take place June 3-4 in Phoenix.

• Mexico's six border governors announced they would boycott the 28th annual U.S.-Mexico Border Governors Conference if it is held as scheduled in Phoenix in September

• In the Chicago area, the Highland Park High School girls varsity basketball team cancelled a trip to play in a basketball tournament, citing "safety concerns" related to the new law. According to a story on, the trip also "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values," said District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson.

• Glass Art Society, of Seattle, cancels 2011 conference in Tucson.

• National Association of Black Accountants cancels 2012 conference in Phoenix.

• National Urban League cancels 2012 conference in Phoenix.

Public bodies that announced Arizona boycotts:

Denver Public Schools, banned work-related travel to the state.

Supporters organizing events or buycotts because of backlash from Arizona's immigration law:

• Backers of Arizona's tough immigration law hope to neutralize planned boycotts over the measure by organizing a "buy Arizona" campaign. The "buycott" will kick off at 7 p.m. May 29 with a rally at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Information:

• Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Tea Party Patriots Live are planning a rally from 4-7 p.m. June 12 in support of the state of Arizona, SB 1070, and the enforcement of existing border and immigration laws. The event is planned for Weslye Bolin Memorial Plaza, 1649 W. Adams St., Phoenix, across from the Arizona Capitol.

Other actions: • Costa Mesa (Calif.,) City Council votes unanimously to declare itself a "rule of law city" where illegal immigrants are not welcome. • San Diego City Council on May 3 urges Arizona to repeal the law.

• City of Pasadena on May 18 approves resolution condemning Arizona's immigration law.

• League of United Latin American Citizens urges companies such as Frito-Lay not to sponsor Arizona sporting events, such as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale.

• Hudspeth County (Texas) commissioners vote 2-1 May 11 to adopt a resolution supporting Arizona's new immigration law.

• Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners vote May 19 to oppose Arizona's law.

• Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak on April 30 urged city employees not to travel to Arizona.

Groups that announced travel boycotts of Arizona:

• Service Employees International Union

• United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

• National Council of La Raza

• Asian American Justice Center

• Center for Community Change

• League of United Latin American Citizens

• National Puerto Rican Coalition

• Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

• American Educational Research Assn.

• World Boxing Council

• Sociologists Without Borders

• L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

Cities boycotting Arizona

Austin, Tex. to cut business and travel ties with Arizona.

• Berkeley, Calif. • Boston • Boulder, Colo.• Columbus, Ohio: • El Paso, Texas(city and county) • Gallup, N.M. • Hartford, Conn. • Los Angeles • Oakland • Richmond, Calif.• St. Paul, Minn.• San Francisco (non-binding resolution) . • Seattle • West Hollywood, Calif