Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween, the 21st Century's
second decade start of Christmas

Friday, October 30, 2009

Counting your blessings
Being in the presence of two genius leaders

Management genius Princess Wendell blogged this morning,
Great day to everyone! It's raining success, no umbrella required. Make it a good one!

Wish I could paint you a picture. This morning I attended Phoenix City Councilwoman Peggy Neely's monthly breakfast. At the end of the meeting I got a chance to stand and listen as two of the brightest minds on the planet conversed. It was Frank Fairbanks, labeled the greatest city manager by various publications, who is retiring, and Walter "Skip" Brown, former assistant superintendent for Arizona's third largest school district, Paradise Valley. Brown oversaw the district's greatest growth and was responsible for building schools to meet that demand.

As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, I wonder where our leaders of this quality will arise from. I don't see them on the horizon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arizona Supreme Court sets groundbreaking 21st Century judgement that will impact all government and corporations

From the state that gave you the Miranda Act, Arizona's Supreme Court has just rendered a 21st Century groundbreaking decision. Here's the headline, click to read article.

Ariz. court rules records law covers 'metadata'

DUH U.S. Education Dept brianiacs just figured this out
"Report: States set low bar for student achievement"

Monday, October 26, 2009

News report: “U.S. newspaper circulation falling”
Now where do all those progressive PR practitioners
Send their press releases

The Associated Press reported today something Marketing $ociologists have know for nearly a decade, NEW YORK - The decline in U.S. newspaper circulation is accelerating as the industry struggles with defections to the Internet and tumbling ad revenue.

Figures released Monday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations show that average daily circulation dropped 10.6 percent in the April-September period from the same six-month span in 2008. That was greater than the 7.1 percent decline in the October 2008-March 2009 period and the 4.6 percent drop in the April-September period of 2008.

Next thing you’ll read is more people watch television over sites like Hulu and Channel 131 than via broadcast. I did watch a broadcast station for nearly 10 minutes last week – sat through about six minutes of commercials. Any wonder people have turned to the Internet? Sort of like if I hear Miley Cyrus’ Party in the U.S.A. one more time, I’ll scream. There’s a point of too much exposure.

To learn how to reach your publics, click the free call icon on this site. Look forward to discussing how you can make REAL profits.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More whining
Broadcast television commercials

Sat down to watch a new show tonight. Since DTV happened, I have one local, one national and two Spanish language stations to choose from.

Sat down at 7:47, it was a commercial. At 7:54 the show resumed.

Management consultant and author Princess Wendel asked me tonight if I had seen a certain television show. I reminded her of my television situation. "Oh, yeah, that's right, you watch all your shows on the Internet," she said.

Yes, I - as most of the nation - get my shows online. More people watch shows on Hulu than broadcast. Now you know why people aren't responding to your broadcast advertising.

How lame are public relations practitioners?
Very, very lame
Why I became a Marketing $ociologist

Go to any communications sites like,, There’s an ongoing dialog about the status of public relations. Let me tell you as both a former public relations practitioner and also a journalist, public relations is as dead as Elvis Presley.

Allow me to site some examples. Disney’s D23 had an extensive public relations staff, 13 or more, I’d say. Yet the person credentialing the press was a consultant out of the Bay area who was a former Disney employee. Having a blog in the world’s top five percent wasn’t good enough to get credentials. I paid FULL price for everything I got at D23, including parking.

After many harried calls and several weeks of trying, within an hour of Bandslam sneak preview, a message was left on my phone that I could see it. Full disclosure – an independent PR firm, not the film company’s PR staff, sent me the soundtrack – thank you very much.

Was in Los Angeles this past weekend speaking at the Film, Stage and Showbiz Expo (great event). Same night Emily Osment opening for Honor Society at House of Blues. Knew I’d never get in since it was Honor Society. After a week of emails and phone calls, her record label sent me an email on Friday – same deal as D23; having a blog in the world’s top 5 percent not important enough. Imagine how a weekly paper in Dallas or Atlanta is treated by these PR hacks.

Monday I discovered Ashley Tisdale is going to be in Scottsdale tomorrow. Not even 18 hours from the event and don’t have any credentials and it will be nearly impossible to get in. It wasn’t a press release or phone call that tipped me to Tisdale – it was her tweet. That’s how lame PR people are today.

Same deal with Osment, D23, all found through tweets. PR people don’t know where to find the Internet decision makers like Social Butterflies. If it ain’t TMZ or Perez Hilton, not important.

When I was practicing public relations, you answered a phone call immediately – from any media. You never knew if that guy from Amarillo would end up at the New York Times – and they’ll remember how your agency screwed them.

Back to Tisdale. I called her Warner Brothers record label. Impossible to get anyone through their automated system. Disney and even Taylor Swift’s Big Machine label have the same lame answering machine. Called someone in a nearby office I know and they gave me the Warner Bros. person’s name. Emailed twice, tweet and two phone calls – no response; on one phone call spoke to her and she said she’d call back. Never did.

Got hold of Microsoft’s outside public relations agency today around 1 p.m.; one of the nation’s largest agencies. The new Microsoft store in Scottsdale is dispensing tickets for Tisdale’s event. Now it is around 8 p.m., 7 hours after the fact. Was told someone would get back to me – what, when Jerry Lewis becomes premier of China?

Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix refused to even consider a blogger covering Jordin Sparks’ performance that was way after all the main events.

If you want me, Twitter PhoenixRichard. There’s only one person who answers tweets faster than me, Anthony Robbins; another consultant advocating excellence. Yet PR people are demonstrating daily how lame they are and it is a spiral, it gets worse and worse as the lame ones train the new practitioners. For these opinions, I was called an A-hole by another blogger yesterday.

Guess if you offer excellence while the rest of the world is offering sub-par service, you are the A-hole to those who don’t know what excellence is or don't want to bother to deliver it.


Addendum - Check this LinkedIn question and the title of the person asking it (hope you check it out and are as horrified as I am by the answers. Imagine an airline pilot asking this question and getting the same answers. Would you fly that plane?):

Looking for some recommendations on free PR sites.

There are alot of PR sites out there. I am looking to find out ones you have used and think are best. We have not used PR in the past and are looking to start. Any tips on how to get started? Is a good 1st Press Release a description of your company, then what comes next? I am finding alot of different answers on the internet which I am finding more confusing than helpful and would like to get your opinions on some things you have used to get started. Any kind of information would be helpful.

Marketing Coordinator/Office Manager/Consultant

From the man who said 9 mo. of job loss un-American
Obama: Men still 'obtuse' about women's role

NBC news is reporting: Obama: Men still 'obtuse' about women's role. Here's a guy who in Oct. 2008, said nine months of job loss was un-American, but look at his legacy in this area - nine months of job loss. As I've said before, time to look for that birth certificate since he's called himself un-American.

In 2002, the U.S. Department of Labor reported 54 percent of the workforce was female. No one noticed. Calling men "obtuse" shows how out of touch and inexperienced this man is in regard to families.

Men have carried the burden of more than 6-million job losses that began in 2007. More than 80% of those job losses, or nearly 5-million jobs, were held by men. Women are not facing that.

Only a fool says women do not expect their men to support them. With men losing the majority of jobs, there has been more family strife and families falling apart than ever before in our history.

I've NEVER condemned any president before (except for Richard Nixon), because I believe a higher power is responsible for choosing them, but in this case, I must ask President Barack Obama to - as he should have with his Kanye West remark - keep your lips zipped. You're misinformed on this issue and totally wrong.

Celebrities read your tweets and blogs
Will Ashley Tisdale pickup
Building the Band Brand
Becoming famous in 21st Century

Celebrities do read your tweets and blogs. Yesterday a personal hero, Anthony Robbins, left this tweet in reply to one of mine, tonyrobbins I can't claim to be effective in my spelling! But glad I did well in this case! LOL all the best to you! Tony

Yesterday I believe Hannah Montana’s best friend on the TV show, Emily Osment, who plays Lily Truscot and Lola Luftnagle, left a message – just her name – at (okay, so I operate a LOT of blogs – waiting for ANY to monetize). Also got an email in response to her record label’s PR department not getting in contact.

For bloggers, the stars are out there and in touch via “interactive media.” It’s their public relations departments that aren’t cognizant of 21st Century marketing tools. In less than a year (thank you Social Butterflies for building this awareness @SocialBupdates), my Tween Music blog has jettisoned to the top 5 percent of all blogs worldwide. You wouldn't believe how many people visit it daily. This one and are in the top 20 percent. Disney’s D23 stiffed me because they didn’t deem blogs big enough, but they’ll pay attention to newspapers and television stations in Lubbock. Right now waiting for a Warner Bros. Records PR woman to get back after two emails, a phone call and several tweets about Ashley Tisdale appearing in Scottsdale tomorrow. Public relations people have not kept up with 21st Century communications, as documented in the discussion at this blog.

Several sources have said Miley Cyrus either does, or did, follow Tween Music.

The thing I DO KNOW, when you leave comments at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites, the stars are thankful. The true stars, not the ones here today gone tomorrow, realize you, the fan, have created them and they appreciate it. So keep sending those tweets, comments on sites. The true stars love it, even if they don’t get back to you.

Now, the question is, will any of Ashley Tisdale’s peeps be in touch about presenting her the Building the Band Brand: Becoming famous in the 21st Century award?

Stay current – Tony Hillerman quote
A basic requirement for profit

I just posted about 4G and never explained it was high speed Internet for wireless, or cell, phones.

Recently on one of my blogs I got a comment, What is a Tween, when at the top of the blog it states, Tweens (U.S.) are a $300-billion economic force.

I knew about Miley Cyrus’ current tour in April. It was announced in June. I’ve known about AT&T offering 4G at Christmas-time for a LONG time. I blogged about the economy turning around in February.

What I didn’t know about was Verizon and the Motorola Droid, which I just discovered at Fone Frenzy, information I found via Twitter (you thought it was just for finding out when Pink’s period was).

The late Tony Hillerman, a renowned author and my journalism professor, taught me “stay current.” He passed a year ago this coming Monday at 83; still miss him.

It is time you utilize 21st Century marketing tools for staying current. Wikipedia, Twitter, asking questions on LinkedIn. These are part of the arsenal for educating yourself. Education is life-long. It doesn’t end when you get out of school. Otherwise, you’ll go out and buy the iPhone today and be whining in December that you have a two year contract and there’s a new 4G phone and AT&T wants $500 from you and to extend your two year contract at a higher rate. That’s what happened with the iPhone in June. Just because you’re an idiot and don’t stay current doesn’t mean AT&T needs to change its business model.